Message from the Education Director, Fall 2016

Greetings from Solstice,

As we begin a new school year, our students arrive with energy and hope.

We are in the business of growth, change, and maximizing capabilities. Each student will arrive here this fall with his or her own history of successes and challenges. While we explore the past to connect feelings with behaviors, our collective focus is always on the future.

Using the sanctuary model of trauma-informed care, we practice things like social learning, social responsibility, emotional intelligence, and open communication. These help to facilitate the growth and change that lead towards more positive outcomes for the youth we serve.

At Solstice Day School, we believe that nobody needs to be defined by his or her past. Each dawn brings with it possibilities and challenges.

The teachers, clinicians, and support staff work with each student individually to provide them with supports necessary to facilitate this process of growth.

On September 6th we begin this year’s journey. Our students will be taking advantage of our challenge course and campus amenities as they come together as a unique group for the first time. We will be beginning the process of building trust and forming a group identity that is so very important in this work.

Let’s have a great year!!

Steve Gross
Education Director

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